General information regarding the types of licences issued by the Licensing Section can be found by visiting Dorsetforyou and selecting Licences, permits and temporary events.

Access to the public registers can be achieved by clicking on the link shown on the left hand side of the screen and does not require you to login. You can switch to the other authority by clicking on Change Authority above.

If you wish to make an application using the online service or wish to make an online representation then you will be required to LOG IN - once logged in please ensure that you are making your application or representation to the CORRECT AREA.

If you are completely new to licensing you will need to REGISTER for an account before you can LOG IN.

If you have held a licence with us but not used the online service we will need to create an "activation code" for you. Please email us at and we will send you the necessary code.

If you have used this service before you can just LOG IN and make a new application. N.B. Once you have registered with one of our authorities this will allow you to swap to the other authority and make applications.

If you have any queries regarding the use of the Council's Online Licensing service or require further assistance then you should contact the Licensing Section on 01305 838028.